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Kyle O’Dell In The News


Building Brand and Visibility Stokes Growth from Within

By Lawrence Carrel, Investor’s Business Daily – 9/23/16

How to Be a Winner in the Game of Life Insurance

By George Rowand, USA Today – 9/15/16

View from the Top of the Life Insurance Industry

By Leila Morris, California Broker – Aug. 2016

Decoding Wall Street’s Wall of Jargon

By Lou Carlozo, U.S. News and World Report – 5/23/16

Retiring in 2016, Keep in Mind These Dos and Don’ts

Chicago Tribune – 2/19/16

Maximizing Your Tax Deductions

By Brook Wagener & Kirk Yuhnke, FOX 31 KDVR – 1/29/16

Handling Holiday Debt

By Brooke Wagner, FOX 31 KDVR – 1/11/16

Stock Market Showdown: How Marketplace Rivals Fare on Wall Street

By Lou Carlozo, U.S. News & World Report – 11/5/2015

The Risks Of Buying Cheap Insurance

By Geoff Williams, U.S. News & World Report – 9/17/2015

Companies You Should Invest In Before 2016

By Lou Carlozo, Go BankingRates – 9/10/2015

When Advisors Have Advisors

By John Kador, – 9/8/2015

10 Do’s and Don’t s of Financial Planning

By Beth Braverman, Go BankingRates – 8/30/2015

8 Tips for Surviving the Stock Market’s Record Drop

By Lou Carlozo, U.S. News: Money – 8/26/2015

What Is The Difference an Index Fund and an ETF?

By Kyle O’Dell, Go BankingRates – 8/25/2015

Home Ownership Down Among Millennials With Student Loan Debt

By Terri Williams, GoodCall – 8/12/2015

What’s the Best Way to Invest My Retirement Money?

By Kyle O’Dell, GoBankingRates – 8/9/2015

How Retirees Can Prepare for Those Unexpected Financial Emergencies

By Juliette Fairley, The Street – 5/29/2015

Retirement-Planner Conundrum: Is It Time To Pull Away From the Market?

By David LaMartina, ThinkAdvisor – 4/3/2015

Tips for people behind in retirement savings

By Rodney Brooks, USA Today – 3/24/2015

How Fed Rate hikes Could Affect Retirement Planning

By David LaMartina, ThinkAdvisor – 3/23/2015

What President Obama’s Capital Gains Tax Proposals Could Mean for Medical Professionals

By Kyle O’Dell, Healthcare Business Today – 3/11/2015

How to Play It “Safe” With Conservative Mutual Funds

By Sheryl Nance-Nash, – 3/1/2015

How To Create a Family Budget for 2015

By Miranda Marquit, Quizzlewire – 2/23/2015

Is an Index Fund Ideal for You?

By Sheryl Nance-Nash, – 2/22/2015

How To Be a “0 Percenter” in Retirement

By Kyle O’Dell, Healthcare Business Today – 2/12/2015


Staying Financially Savvy Over the Holidays – Interview with Kyle O’Dell

By Corey Rose, 9NEWS KUSA: Your Money – 11/15/16

Get Smart About Credit Day – Interview with Kyle O’Dell

By Cheryl Preheim and Gary Shapiro, 9NEWS KUSA: Your Money – 10/20/16

5 Questions to Ask Partner Before Marriage – Interview with Kyle O’Dell

By Cheryl Preheim, 9NEWS KUSA – 7/21/16

Father’s Day: Checklist for New Dads – Interview with Kyle O’Dell

By Ryan Haarer and Jessica Oh, 9NEWS KUSA – 6/19/16

Dealing With Post Holiday Debt – Interview with Kyle O’Dell

By Ken Clark, FOX KDVR: Good Day Colorado – 1/11/2016

How To Maximize Your Tax Deductions – Interview with Kyle O’Dell

By Brooke Wagner & Kirk Yuhnke, FOX KDVR: Good Day Colorado – 1/29/2016