Our clients demand excellence in the following areas:

Wealth Management

Wealth management should encompass more than rates of return and “what did my account do last year?”  True wealth management uses a holistic approach and matches the needs and goals of the investor to appropriate plans, services, and products. Important details critical to wealth management that are often overlooked include tax implications, tax efficiency, drawdown exposure, the purpose of tax diversification, and a clearly defined exit strategy.

Retirement Income Planning

The number one concern amongst Americans age 55 and over is running out of money in retirement.  Proper retirement income planning requires understanding the three predominant income strategies, how they work, and what is appropriate for a client’s specific situation.  The first strategy is the Systematic Withdrawal Approach, an approach that can be subject to sequence of returns risk if singularly implemented.  The Income Floor Strategy involves converting a portion of assets into a guaranteed income stream that cannot be outlived.  The Bucket Strategy separates your retirement portfolio into different time sensitive buckets that will be used for different phases of retirement.  A well-rounded plan typically involves more than one strategy to accomplish a retiree’s goals.

Social Security Timing

There are over 500 manners by which one can claim his or her Social Security benefits, and once the decision is made, it is irrevocable after the first 12 months.  This election of benefits is a very important decision that needs to be made strategically and in conjunction with the retirement income plan.  Most Americans view Social Security as a salary continuation plan, however they fail to realize that it is actually a federally provided lifetime annuity which is based on their work history.  Since Social Security is meant to supplement one’s retirement income, fully understanding the benefits and options offered is an important part of retirement income planning.

Personal Pension Planning

When it comes to pensions in retirement plans, Americans have become accustomed to only utilizing those options offered by an employer, but as the financial world has taught us, those pensions are not guaranteed; they are only as strong as the financial wherewithal of the employer.  Furthermore, fewer and fewer employers are offering pensions or long-term benefits.  Personal pension planning allows clients the ability to take their retirement into their own hands in order to establish secure plans that are not dependent on an employer.

Life Insurance

Life insurance has long been viewed by most Americans as “death insurance,” a financial product that will benefit family members after an untimely passing.  Distinguished investors understand that life insurance can provide much more than death benefits; properly structured life insurance contracts can boast impressive living benefits.  Our clients recognize the advantages of maintaining life insurance throughout their retirement to utilize living benefits while also utilizing the methods that we employ to make life insurance cheaper as they get older.

Long Term Care Planning

Long Term Care Planning is so much more than the purchase of an insurance policy.  True Long Term Care planning involves detailing what a client would like to happen should a catastrophic health event befall them.  This includes how they would like their care to be administered, what type of care they would like to receive, where they would like to live, and most importantly, which assets should be used to fund the care.