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Jacob Green

Former president and founder of Green Tree Wealth Inc.

Due to an aging population and ever-growing demand, Jacob set out to become an expert in the areas of Medicare and long term care planning in 2005.  Since then he has dedicated his practice to helping build a secure retirement for his clientele in the Pacific Northwest. However, Jacob soon realized it wasn’t enough to simply help his clients with their healthcare decisions; he needed to offer them solutions for their wealth and income in retirement.

As a millennial, Jacob learned the realities of investing early on.  Before starting college in 2001, he watched the values of his stock investments soar to new heights only to see them plummet just before his freshman year, due to the bursting of the dot com bubble.  After graduating from Eastern Oregon University and starting his career in Bend, Oregon, Jacob followed the traditional next step in laying a financial foundation – he bought his first house. Then a few years later, he watched as the housing crash of 2008 wiped away the equity he had built over the previous years. Jacob was not alone, many of those he cared about also experienced financial

pain around their real estate and investments in the aftermath of 2008. He knew there had to be a better way … a smarter way to build wealth and secure one’s retirement.

In searching for that solution, Jacob was brought to the propitious findings of the OWRS team.  With the mentorship of OWRS, he has been able to hone his skills as an advisor and incorporate retirement wealth and income planning into his practice.  This has allowed Jacob to further assist his clientele in the areas of lessening worries around untimely investment losses, capitalizing on the growing volatility of the economy, and limiting unnecessary tax burdens in retirement.

As an avid outdoorsman, enjoying all the Pacific Northwest has to offer, Jacob has had many fortuitous introductions to like-minded people, who also love their family and work hard so they can strive for the perfect work-life balance.

Bend, Oregon
(541) 306-6048