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Russel Luna


Russell Luna’s financial practice takes a hands-on approach when working with clients, many of whom are divorcees. Using diplomacy and creativity, he helps people through the financial process of divorce.

Russ uses insight from all aspects of his practice to tailor each individualized financial plan, which he constructs for clients based on their own unique set of circumstances.  Utilizing his unique planning strategies, he develops plans which help clients to manage their budgets easier as well as provide compound growth opportunities with an emphasis on principal preservation.

Russ frequently serves as a consultant for divorce attorneys, and he has received numerous acknowledgements for leadership and achievement. Moreover, he is recognized by his

peers and clients for the care he takes when guiding people through their challenging financial divorce issues.  Russ is a frequent contributor to national publications regarding financial matters and has been asked to speak nationally, focusing on financial considerations for divorcees.

7887 E. Belleview Avenue
Suite 1100
Denver, CO 80111
(303) 525-4434