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Tim Modica


Former President and Founder of Secure Wealth Solutions, LLC

Prior to starting his career as a financial advisor, Tim spent 20 years managing many different departments of the Los Angeles division for a national construction company.  With no further advancement opportunities available, Tim decided to turn his attention back to finance, in which he majored at California State University-Long Beach.  In 2001 Tim became a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, and to this day he continues to focus on educating his clients about how to budget their finances and best manage their debts to meet their financial goals.

Tim began to notice that more and more of his mortgage clients were poorly positioned, financially, for retirement.  They just weren’t ready for the next financial chapter in their lives, and many times the top concern Tim heard was a fear of running out of money.  So in 2006 Tim set out into the financial world to learn the leading financial strategies to do just that, make sure his clients don’t outlive their money.  Tim quickly learned that retirement planning is much more involved than just trying to get a higher rate of return for his client. Tim routinely helps his clients look at the larger picture and address all 6 of the major risks retirees face.

To ensure that his clients have access to cutting-edge financial strategies, Tim joined forces with the nationally-recognized retirement planning firm of O’Dell, Winkfield, Roseman & Shipp, LLC.  With this partnership and his broad financial background, Tim is uniquely positioned to fulfill his fiduciary responsibility to his clients.  His focus is on preserving their assets while also providing new ideas and strategies to maximize their income security and wealth potential for the future.

Both Tim and his wife, Delia, were born in Los Angeles County and now live in Orange County.  They love to travel, enjoying the culinary delicacies of the world (being “foodies”), and spending time with their church family.  Tim is also a sports enthusiast and loves playing golf.

3020 Old Ranch Parkway
Suite 300
Seal Beach, CA 90740
(562) 799-5530