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Clients tell us that having a solid plan for a sound future is a great feeling. Creating the right plan is about discovering solutions that fit your unique situation and goals, which has nothing to do with hoping that the markets work out in your favor.

At OWRS, you’ll find a whole lineup of leading concepts, services, and strategies that will allow you to move forward confidently.

True wealth management is more than simply looking over a statement and checking rates of return every now and then.  At OWRS, innovative thinking, perspective, and a well-rounded approach are the foundation of achieving your goals.  First, we talk about you and where you want to go.  Some call that “human-centric retirement planning.”  We call it sensible.  Identifying your needs and your goals leads to the plans, services and products that fit best.

As Independent Advisors, OWRS can consider a universe of possibilities for you.  As for the details that some might overlook, they’re the keys to success:  Tax implications, tax efficiency, drawdown exposure, the purpose of tax diversification, and a clearly defined exit strategy will all be a part of your plan.

It’s your wealth, and it should stay that way.

Living longer should mean more time to do whatever it is you want to do next.  Of course, that can’t happen if you’re worried your money won’t last through retirement.  OWRS is here to help make sure you breathe easier.

Perspective is the first step to a worry-free future.  Every person’s situation is unique; that’s the reason why there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution for retirement.  Don’t let anyone tell you different!

True personal retirement income planning comes with an understanding of specific income strategies, how they apply to you, and coming up with personalized program to reach your goals; a good reason to make an appointment with an OWRS advisor.

You probably plan on receiving social security.  Most Americans do.  Thing is, there are over 500 ways, shapes, and forms to claim it.  Making an informed decision is incredibly important – after the first 12 months, that choice is locked in for the rest of your retirement.

Then there’s the fact that Social Security was never meant to be your only “paycheck” later in life.  It’s supposed to supplement your main source of retirement income.  That’s because Social Security is a lifetime annuity paid by the federal government based on your work history

It’s up to you to figure out the rest.  To make the most of what you have now, and what you have coming to you, you need to know what your options are, and truly understand them.  Your OWRS advisor will share up-to-the-minute information, education, and strategy that add up to impeccable timing.

Has anyone ever told you that life insurance isn’t all about death? It’s true. Properly used in your plan, it can offer some nice benefits while you enjoy living. So much so, that one of our founding partners calls life insurance “the Swiss Army knife of financial tools.”

Beyond the obvious reasons for purchasing a policy, life insurance can do plenty for you. Like boost cash accumulation. Act as a retirement income supplement. And some other not-so-well-known pathways designed to watch out for you. So, when life changes, you won’t have to sweat the small stuff.

No one lives forever. Protecting those you care about with life insurance is a smart thing to do. Just make sure you take advantage of all the ways it can work for you in the meantime. An OWRS Advisor is ready to show you how.

Exercise, good food, staying interested and active – no wonder Americans are living longer.  You can be sure your retirement is going to be nothing like your parents’.  It’s also a great reason to look into Long-Term Care.

First thing to keep in mind is that it’s much more than an insurance policy.  Done the right way, Long-Term Care planning spells out exactly what you would want in the case of an unexpected health issue.  The type of care, where and how to receive it, and how you would want to fund it.

Your OWRS Advisor will fill you in on options that will see that you can pay for care if, and when, you need it.  You can keep planning for the best, while you prepare for the unexpected.

Your plan is going to be different than anyone else’s – that’s why OWRS Advisors are paid depending on what best fits your needs.  Before anything else,  we’ll have a conversation about what kind of lifestyle you want when you retire.  Don’t look for a bill after that first discussion  –  it’s just to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Should we move forward together, it’s good to know a few basics.  In the world of wealth and retirement planning, there are three basic options for payment:

  • Write a check for a flat fee to your Advisor or their firm
  • The Advisor or their firm receives a percentage of assets they manage
  • The Advisor or their firm collects commission

Comparing different payment structures is pretty much “apples to oranges.”  Some organizations use one of these practices – with OWRS, you get a custom-tailored approach that might combine all three.  It’s about what benefits you the most.

A personalized plan isn’t the same thing as buying a financial product off the shelf.  Since every little detail is carefully thought out for you, your plan will also include how we’re paid.  When you sit down with your OWRS Advisor, you can expect a discussion about your options, so you understand them clearly.