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Kyle O’Dell

Managing Partner

Teaching people about lifestyle security is more than a ‘9-to-5’ for Kyle O’Dell — it’s his mission in life. As a leading expert in the financial industry, O’Dell prides himself on teaching his clients about the peace-of-mind and personal power they can find with lifestyle security in retirement.

O’Dell began his professional journey two decades ago with one of the corporate giants. As he learned the business, he learned that the corporate agenda was about selling more retirement products rather than achieving a client’s goals. “When I left, I was either going to make a complete career change or REALLY find a way to help Americans protect everything they had worked their entire lives for,” O’Dell says. “More importantly, I wanted to teach people what they need to know so they can enjoy retirement on their terms, not someone else’s agenda.”

As an independent financial advisor, O’Dell has stayed true to his mission. In fact his commitment has earned him a role as a leading teacher to other financial industry professionals. “Retirement is changing every single day,” O’Dell states. “The principles of planning to live comfortably remain the same, but laws and methods are becoming more complex than ever before.”

O’Dell is grateful to be a reoccurring lifestyle and financial expert in the media. He is frequently featured on NBC’s 9News and Fox 31 in Denver, Colorado, and offers commentary in publications like the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World, Report, Yahoo! Finance and Investor’s Business Daily.

“There are so many milestones in life — like getting married, having a child, buying a house, advancing in your career,” O’Dell says. “With these great moments come changes in financial obligations. The more Americans know, the more they can keep their lifestyle secure.”

O’Dell’s constant commitment to learning has earned him a spot at the Million Dollar Roundtable, on organization that acknowledges elite professionals in the financial industry. He is also an active member of the Independence Excellence Group, a think tank composed of national financial professionals who meet quarterly to share new retirement ideas and strategies.

Away from work, Kyle is married to wife Kelley and proud father to daughter Leighton. He enjoys golfing on the weekends and is a devoted season ticket-holder to his beloved Denver Broncos.